WORKERS' SPECIFIC TRAINING on H&S in workplace low risk - 4 hours

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Figure a cui si rivolge: The Course is mandatory for all Employee in any Italian Company, working on low risk tasks



According to what provided by artt. 36 and 37 of D.Lgs. 9/4/08 n° 81 and Accordi ConferenzaStato-Regioni, issued on 21/12/2011, the employer must provide his employees with a SPECIFIC training on health and safety risks in the workplace.

A 4 hours training is planned for fields classified as LOW RISK (Offices and Services,Commerce, Craftsmanship, Tourism).


       Base concepts and roles ofPrevention and Protection Service

       Working with visual displayunits: risks, prevention and protection

       Manual handling of loads: risks,prevention and protection

       Electric risks

       Microclimate: risks, preventionand protection

       Safeguard of pregnant women andwomen who have just given birth

       Use of ladders: risks,prevention and protection

       Safe use of machinery andequipment

       Chemical risks: prevention andprotection

       Use of vehicles: risks,prevention and protection

       Work correlated stress: risks,prevention and protection

       Use of PPE (Personal ProtectiveEquipment)

       Fire and emergency: principles, risks,measures

       Comprehension Checkpoint (withimmediate check)


In order to access the specific training, every worker must provide the GENERAL training certificate (4 hours, also available in e-learning version).

At the end of the training, a legally recognized attendance certificate is given to every worker.

Specific training is subject to 6 hours updates every five years.

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Codice: SA.LRB.04.UFF.ENG
Sede: Milano - Città Studi
Durata: 4 hours
Prezzo: € 130,00
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